Some people say to me “Why Woodbine?”

Why did I call my therapy services woodbine, many people say to me. ‘ Its surely the name for cigarettes?’

Yes it is, and  these cigarettes are still available and help is also to hand to stop smoking!

For me, woodbine is the name of my home and an alternative name for the Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia) which covers the house from spring time until autumn.  Its growth is persistent and tenacious and its spiral is a symbol of continuous change.

The vine in celtic symbolism indicates connection, eternity, branching out and expanding in new directions.  As well as regeneration, continuation, opportunity, expansion and fertility.

The druid’s perspective was that the vine was renown for its growth patterns.  Growing opportunistically and attaching itself to gain a strong foothold in order to assure its growth.   When we see the best of our situation and stay in a relaxed state of mind we are most likely to achieve our desires.

The celt’s thought the vine’s powerful growth was in its formation of the spiral  which attached to the surface it chose to grow on.   The celt’s considered the spiral to be a sacred symbol for consciousness, development, renewal and growth.

So, for me the symbolic meaning of  the woodbine is a very appropriate title for my counselling and psychotherapy services.   Its meanings are very apt  to me in the process of counselling and are a vibrant, living, continuous  visual example to me of how nature can symbolise our lives.