Drayton Action for Health was set up in 1999 to take over the administration of funds accumulated by Market Drayton Cottage Hospital League of Friends prior to the hospital’s closure. It is a registered charity.

This charity delivers assistance for health needs for the people of Market Drayton –  once provided by the Cottage Hospital.

Drayton Action for Health’s aim is to administer the income from its investments, to help residents of Market Drayton and nearby villages in need of health or convalesce care not available on the NHS.

Examples of assistance given to date:

  1. Purchase of equipment for Market Drayton Health Centre
  2. Help towards traveling expenses for hospital appointments
  3. Provision of night care in the homes of individuals
  4. Funds to help alleviate suffering and enhance lifestyles
  5. Help towards funding for health care groups in Market Drayton

Applications are not means tested and the fund is administered by 6 trustees who meet on a quarterly basis to consider applications.

Application forms can be obtained from the trust secretary Mrs Janet Davies by writing to her by email at [email protected]